B Camera Operator / 2nd Unit D.P. for Ride Share. A feature film produced by David Boyles (310-200-0415) for Hollyware LLC. Director of Photography Dan Hertzog (310-729-9248).

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts / Cinematography at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

Director of Photography / 2nd Unit for television series 24 (First and Second season). Rodney Charters CSC, ASC Director of Photography 1st Unit.

Director of Photography / 2nd Unit for the television series X-Files Directors: Paul Rabwin, Rob Bowman, Kim Masters and Chris Carter.

Director of Photography / 2nd Unit for television series The Pretender Rodney Charters CSC, ASC Director of Photography 1st Unit.

Director of Photography / 2nd Unit for television series Roswell Rodney Charters CSC, ASC Director of Photography 1st Unit.

Director of Photography / 2nd Unit / Camera Operator for television series V.I.P. (Jack Conroy Director of Photography 1st. Unit)

Director of Photography/ 2nd Unit for Feature Film Butter: Nancy Schreiber ASC, Director of Photography 1st Unit

Director of Photography / 2nd Unit for Feature Film Nevada: Nancy Schrieber ASC, Director of Photography 1st Unit.

Director of Photography/ 2nd Unit for Feature Film Dorm Daze 2 Philip Schwartz Director of Photography 1st Unit.

Cinematographer for Television Series:

Heroes Under Fire
The True Story Of Che Guevara
Guests Of the Ayatollah
The True Story Of Charlie Wilson’s War

Produced by Wild Eyes Productions and the History Channel.

Director of Photography for the Howard Anderson Co. at Universal Studios. Filming Inserts, Second Unit, Additional footage and Special Effects Cinematography for Feature Films and Television.

Directors included John Frankenheimer, Ivan Reitman, Nicholas Roeg, Michael Ritchie, Todd London, Steven Sorderbergh, Carl Reiner, Paul Krasny, Daniel Goldberg, Rupert Wainwright, Hart Bockner, Betty Thomas, Alison Anders, Paul Rabwin, Frank Marshall

Titles of Projects for The Howard Anderson Co.

Murder She Wrote
The Fantasticks
Heart Of Darkness
Search and Rescue
Marker Blank Check
My Girl II
P.C.U. The Scout
New York Undercover
Models Inc.
Canadian Bacon
X Files
Beethoven’s 2nd
On Deadly Ground
Earth 2
Island Of Dr. Moureau
Space Jam
The Burning Zone
Of My Heart
Pacific Blue
Sgt. Bilko
One Waikiki West
Angels In The Outfield

Director of Photography for Children’s Hospital Eye Clinic Documentary Directed by Paul Babin for the Society of Camera Operators.

Director of Photography for feature film Sidney & Abner: Detectives produced by Daniel Orellana-Rogers for Take Root Productions and Directed by Trent.

Director of Photography for The Spiritual Divide Directed by Rodney Allen Hooks for Urban Christian Entertainment

Cinematographer for The TED Conferences held annually in Monterey showcasing world renown Teachers, Educators, Scientists and Artists.

Cinematographer for Mazda Race Team Promotional Film shot at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA.

Cinematographer: Mazda High Performance Film Directed by Rick Graves

Cinematographer: Mazda / New Jersey Raceway Auto Races and Interviews for Rev & Directed by Rick Graves.

Cinematographer: for Prius Automobile Performance segment.

Cinematographer for Infiniti Car Commercial (Location & Studio Shoot) Rick Graves: Director for

Cinematographer for Radiant Pictures / Vamps In Concert

Cinematographer for Euro RSCG Cosmetic Infomercial Max Clarity (filmed over a four-month period revealing the progress of the product)

Cinematographer for Tapout / World Gym Commercial Bobby Razac Director/Producer for Bobby Razac Sport Films

Cinematographer: Francine Busby For 50th Congressional Seat Commercial. Directed by Paul Babin / Produced by Paul Babin Productions.

Cinematographer for Navistar Trucks Commercial produced by Wild Eyes Productions.

Cinematographer for LA Fitness Video Produced by 1545 Media

Additional Commercial Production

Fresh World Farms, Hispanic
AIDS Awareness PSA
Sit & Sleep
Freeway Insurance, KABC Talk Radio
Life Is Beautiful Promo
Divorce Court
Mississippi Development
Fridge Pig
Cut The Pork


Became a member of The International Photographers Guild, IATSE Local 659. 1986

Employed by Universal Studios Camera Department as a Film Loader. Responsible for entire studio raw stock distribution and inventory as well as equipment shipping and receiving.

1988 to 1998:
Promoted to Camera Assistant and began working on Feature, Commercial, Television and Documentary Film Production:
Private Eye (Jonathan West ASC)
Heartbeat (Jonathan West ASC)
Falconcrest (Chuck Arnold)
Blind Faith (Chuck Arnold)
Babe Ruth (Don Morgan ASC)
Nightmare in Columbia County (Don Morgan ASC)
Moonlighting (Andrew Jackson)
Talent for the Game (Curtis Clark ASC)
Defending Your Life (Alan Daviau ASC)
Heat Wave (Mark Irwin ASC)
Final Approach (Eric Goldstein)
Commercials (Michael Watkins ASC, Curtis Clark ASC, Gary Thielges)
BBC Documentaries (Curtis Clark ASC)


International Photographers Guild Film Showcase honor for Artistic Achievement in Cinematography for the motion picture The Bicyclist

International Cinematographers Guild Film Festival honor for Artistic Achievement in Cinematography for the motion picture Inconvenience Store
Exhibited at the Kodak Pavilion at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival

The Kodak Award for service in advancing the art of Cinematography.

ICG Emerging Cinematographer Award for Artistic Achievement in Cinematography for the motion picture Two, Four, Six

Finalist at the 2009 CineGear Film Festival for Two, Four, Six


The International Cinematographers Guild / IATSE Local 600

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC)

West Coast Co- Chairman for the ICG National Election Committee for 1999 and 2003

Cinematography Subcommittee for the 71st and 72 Annual Academy Awards Scientific and Technical Awards. Howard Anderson 111. Chairman.

Chairman of The International Cinematographers Guild Film Showcase from 1996 to 2007 presenting outstanding short films photographed by our members and presented annually at the DGA in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Florida.

Chairman Emeritus for Emerging Cinematographers Awards held annually at the Directors Guild of America by the ICG.